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Canadian-made Medical Products for Injury Prevention & Comfort

Blake Medical Group Inc. has over 15 years experience in medical manufacturing, medical service providing and advanced wound care.

Our passion is PREVENTION – we create products that prevent injury from untreated wounds, pressure ulcers/sores or prolonged periods of vibration and multiple shocks/impact. We design and manufacture Geo-Matrix™ polymer gel – a critical component in our products because of its unique ability to dampen vibration and improve pressure redistribution, shear and friction making it effective for medical and industrial seating. We are also proud of our wound and pressure injury prevention program which uses a combination of education and wound care therapy strategies to prevent the onset or progression of costly injury.

Each company under the Blake Medical Group, has its own specialty, business model, management and R&D team to maintain our success, growth and focus on innovation in the healthcare market.


Years of Medical Manufacturing Experience


Medical Dealers across Canada


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Our Group of Companies

Over 15 Years in the Medical Market
Blake Medical Distribution
Medical Seating
Shift Seating
Industrial Seating
Therapeutic Surface Solutions
Prevention of Wound & Pressure Injury Services
Oke Polymer Systems
Gel Manufacturing

Blake Medical Distribution

Geo-Matrix™ Gel Home Medical Solutions

Blake Medical DistributionBlake Medical is continually innovating medical products to enrich the lives of people who experience discomfort in their everyday lives. They have a dedicated sales team across Canada focused on providing customized solutions for end users using a simplified product selection approach with their dealer network. Using proprietary Geo-Matrix™ Gel, Blake Medical products are known in the marketplace for their comfort, cleanliness and pressure management properties.

Blake Wheelchair Cushion


  • Wheelchair seating, backs and accessories

  • Medical mattresses, frames and accessories

Shift Seating

Military & Industrial Seating

In 2017, the Shift Seating brand by BMG Inc. was developed to address the risk of occupational exposure to whole-body vibration, prevalent in military and industrial occupations. In 2015, BMG Inc. studied the whole-body vibration using a Geo-Matrix cushion with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and found that the Geo-Matrix cushion out-performed all other products with respect to comfort and vibration. As a result, Shift Seating created a solution to provide people the ability to sit longer and more comfortably within their field of work.

Shift Seating Occupations


  • Military seating

  • Commercial seating

  • Industrial seating

Therapeutic Surface Solutions

Preventative Wound and Therapeutic Solutions

Therapeutic Surface SolutionsIn the market since 2003, Therapeutic Surface Solutions (T.S.S.) specializes in pressure injury prevention. With a combination of mattress products, surface solutions and eduction, T.S.S. assists long-term care (LTC) homes across Ontario with treating and preventing wounds and sores while in their care. In 2012, T.S.S. launched their “Managed Pressure Injury Prevention Program” which, when implemented, LTC homes can experience a 97% reduction* of Stage 3, 4 & Unstageable pressure injuries while containing costs and receiving hands-on education.

*based on results from a 2012-2016 retrospective study 

Rhythm Multi Mattress


  • Wound-care Prevention

  • Surface Solutions

  • Wound-care Education & Support

Oke Polymer Systems

The Only Geo-Matrix™ Manufacturer

Located in Dunnville, Ontario OKE Polymer Systems manufactures the polymer-based material (Geo-Matrix™ gel) utilized in Blake Medical Distribution’s and Shift Seating’s product lines. Having a manufacturing plant within our group of companies gives us unparalleled agility to create solutions and products based on the needs of our customers within our own facility.

geo-matrix gel

Geo-Matrix™ gel for Blake Medical Distribution & Shift Seating.

The Geo-Matrix™ Advantage

Sit longer and more comfortably.

Our Geo-Matrix™ seating system offers people the ability to sit longer without discomfort. The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure, shock, whole-body vibration with enhanced immersion qualities. Blood flow is increased and peak pressure points are minimized because Geo-Matrix™ gel columns share the pressure load from bony prominences, which increases the “footprint” and inherently decreases pressure. This stimulates wound healing and reduces the risk of pain-related problems and skin breakdown.


Machine washable & can be disinfected. Closed cell construction makes gel leak proof.


Peak pressure points are reduced, increases blood flow and absorbs shock.

Prevents Injury

Helps prevent & heal pressure wounds. Dampens whole body vibration.


Doesn't harden in cold temperatures or retain heat.

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